Rodent Proofing

Deny Rodents with SFRC Exclusion

Due to their size, mice and other rodents can sneak into your home through the smallest entry points. Rats can fit through holes as small as a quarte; mice, the size of a dime! Proofing, also known as exclusion, is the best method to ensure your home is protected from these vulnerabilities. We go through every area and seal up any hole the size of as dime or larger so the pests stay out!

Proofing the Right Way


Without neutralizing the rodents’ scent of direction, proofing will not be truly effective. This is why SFRC addresses the problem from all perspectives. 

Some companies will only focus on trapping and poison, which may work initially, but without proper attention to implementing exclusion techniques, rodents soon return! 

However, we have optimized an effective way to rid your home of rodents without the use of poison or dangerous  toxic chemicals.

Most importantly, our solution is permanent!

Rodents Damage Your Home

When a homeowner eventually realizes that they have a rodent problem, it is typically never just one rodent—and many more remain unseen. Not only do rodents spread disease, but they can also cause a great deal of damage to the structure of your home, as well as eating and contaminating your and your pet’s food.


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Rodents are always seeking shelter. When they choose your home, they immediately begin looking for means to build a suitable nest and multiply. Wood found in your walls, and even furniture, become a great place to chew and sharpen their teeth. Ruining soft items such as insulation or bedding is only the beginning of their destructive tendencies.

When you have an infestation, electrical wires in walls and appliances become favorite menu items for rodents to chew. This type of damage can be extremely costly, but it can also be very dangerous, causing a hazardous risk of fire. The situation will only continue to get worse the longer time goes on without remediation of these pests.

Rodents carry disease. When they are living in your home, your family is at risk. As they chew through your structure and other items in your home, they are constantly defecating and urinating. The droppings, urine, and fur they leave behind in their wake has been known to cause illness and respiratory issues, making your family venerable.

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