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Initial Inspection - Find the Problem

Determining how and where rodents are entering your home is the first step to irradicating their presence. We will go over your home with a fine-toothed comb and find every nook and cranny that’s inviting those pesky pests to take up residence. Inspection looks at places like vents, foundations, eves, attics, plumbing, electrical, and more.

This complete in-depth assessment includes:

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Eliminate the Threat - Remediate and Clean

Now it’s time to get rid of both the rodents themselves, as well as the things that are attracting and drawing them in! Removing their scent and pheromone trails is the best way to ensure an effective and long lasting rodent elimination.

The complete removal and cleaning process includes:

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Rodent Proof the Home - Prevent their Return

Once the pests are thoroughly removed, it’s important to shore up any and all vulnerabilities that allowed them to enter in the first place. Using our in-depth assessment from step 1, we will close up any and all holes the size of a dime or larger so there’s simply no way for rodents to get back in and repeat the problem.

We ensure your home stays rodent free!

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Follow-up Inspection - Confirm Protection

SF Rodent Control is dedicated to high quality and personalized customer service. We want you to feel good about choosing us to solve your rodent problem and comfortable that the steps we’ve taken are effective and long lasting. Two weeks after we finish our service, we will return, free of charge, and re-inspect your home to make sure our solutions have worked.

We are so confident in the quality we deliver, we offer a full 1-year warranty!

There are a couple scenarios we look out for:

Rodents are removed and excluded from the premises. Proofing measures we put in place are effective and holding strong. Your home is now rodent a rodent-free fortress! No further visit is required to ensure protection at this time. Sit back and relax.


Either the rodents were locked in the home while we proofed and were OR they found a way back in. We will keep returning to check, reseal, and set new traps until rodents are no longer in the traps and no other identification or traces of them can be found.


Mice require a unique approach because of their small size and how fast they reproduce. A mouse can squeeze through an opening as small as a dime to gain entrance into your home. SF Rodent Control takes a detailed fine comb approach that irradicates mice for good, with services that include mice removal, extermination, and prevention. We also provide specialized clean-up, crawl space decontamination, as well as attic decontamination.  

We Eliminate The Trail Mice Leave

mouse wire

Much like rats, mice also leave a scent trail wherever they’ve been in your home, drawing more and more mice to follow! Since mice are so small, their existence many times goes unnoticed and the problem quickly becomes severe.

Mouse traps are not sufficient to eliminate the problem. SF Rodent Control knows how mice follow their smell back to places other mice have been, and how hard it can be to completely get rid of these scents. That’s why we attack infestation from multiple angles- sealing up entry points, neutralizing their pheromones and scent of direction, and cleaning up any possible health hazard they have left behind!


We Get the Mice Out For Good!

Our unique treatment eradicates the worst infestations. We are  so confident, we offer a full 1 Year Warranty.

SF Rodent Control offers a free estimate at which point we’ll let you know the extent of the problem and how we’ll solve it for good! In addition, we back our customized rat control services by our unmatched lifetime rodent-free guarantee!


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If you suspect mice in your home, it is important to know where to look and what signs to look for.

Rodents love water and will often be attracted to leaking pipes or drains. Another place to check is cupboards and closets where food is stored. These dark areas make the perfect place to hide.

If you are still unsure, it is better to err on the side of caution and contact our rodent control team. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to know exactly where to look and what to look for throughout your entire home. If any signs of infestation are discovered, our rat control services will rid them from your home for good.

Mice are tiny pests that have a major pooping problem. They can’t control their bowels, so they can leave as many as 40 to 100 droppings behind each day. While not all of these droppings are necessarily dangerous, mice may carry diseases, so all droppings should be treated as if they’re a hazard.

Adult mice make small poop pellets. They average around a quarter of an inch long or slightly more. They’re typically smooth and pointed on the ends, and they harden up into tough pellets after a few hours.

The majority of the time, mouse droppings are brown, but some will turn gray over time. Those who see black pellets should be warned that the problem may not be mice at all. Instead, the culprits could be rats.

Homeowners who have started to notice small, dark pellets around the home may not have realized what they were, but the reality is that they could be a sign of a rodent infestation. Our team can come out to identify the droppings, so homeowners can be sure of which pest is in the home and take steps to have them removed. Whether the pests are mice or rats, they must be removed for better health and safety in the home.

Mouse droppings are likely to be anywhere a mouse has been. Think about the pathways that a mouse might take through a house. They follow the baseboards, which means there could be a trail of droppings along those baseboards, around plants, under furniture and on pathways heading into the kitchen or pantry.

Some of the best places to look to check and see if there is a mouse infestation include:

Getting rid of mouse droppings is pretty simple because they usually harden up enough to be picked up with a gloved hand. It’s also possible to use a HEPA vacuum or sweeper to get the feces into a container that can be taken outside the home.

Note: Never sweep up feces without wearing a mask. It’s possible that mice droppings could contain the hantavirus, so if no mask is available, do not use a powered sweeper to clean the area. Instead, pick up the feces manually with a wet rag, like a paper towel, to avoid having hantavirus-containing dust get into the air.

Once the mouse droppings are removed, it’s important to clean up after them. Although they appear to be gone, we suggest using a disinfectant or sanitizing spray or a bleach-containing cleaning product, to wipe up urine and clean in the areas where the feces were present. Use the cleaning spray on a paper towel, so the entire towel can be thrown away as soon as the cleanup is finished.

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