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Attics are often isolated areas which are commonly out of reach of cats and dogs and are seldom used by homeowners, making them the perfect place for rats and mice to hide. Once rodents have moved into your attic, the contamination they leave behind not only damages your home and creates health hazards for you and your family, it also invites distant rodents to come!

A Clean Attic Keeps Them Out!


Rats and mice don’t have control of their bladder, so urine and feces will commonly contaminate attics. Mold and mildew issues likely follow, and animal waste material can also spread harmful bacteria and parasites. Once rodents’ pheromone scents have infected the area, they will easily attract more rodents to your home to do even more damage!

Rat and mouse urine and feces also produce an awful odor that lingers in your home until the infested area is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated.

SF Rodent Control understands how important a clean and sanitized attic is to keeping your home rodent free.


Give Your Attic a Clean Bill of Health

Air Ducts and main air supplies in your attic are one of a rodents’ favorite attractants. Contaminated air is pushed out of your system and into your home, putting your family at risk, especially for those with asthma or breathing problems.

We work hard to remove all traces of these pests so the air is clean and fresh and the rodents don’t return!


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If you believe your attic or air duct system has been contaminated by rodents, call the experts at SF Rodent Control.

We will thoroughly inspect your attic and ducts for signs of rodents and ensure the areas are thoroughly decontaminated, cleaned, and sanitized. We will remove all trace of rodents so your family can rest easy.

If you see signs of rodents but are unsure about your attic or air duct system, it is better to err on the side of caution and contact us. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to know exactly where to look and what to look for throughout your entire home. If any signs of contamination are discovered, SFRC’s cleaning services will clear up the problem.

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