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SF Rodent control is a family owned business specializing in Rodent proofing and Rodent waste cleaning and sanitation.

Our teams are trained to make your home a fortress against any rodent, including rats and mice. We only deal with rodents, and do so on a daily basis. We know what it takes to get the job done right the first time!

Our company started in 2016 in Oakland, California. We received so many calls from San Francisco residents, it prompted us to open a separate local company to provide only for San Francisco, which allows us to reach out in timely manner and provide the best and most efficient service for our customers.

Today we service thousands of homes in San Francisco, with a vision to be the city’s go-to provider for rodent control.

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With the use of absolutely no poisons or toxic chemicals, our solution consists of a 1-time treatment and we handle everything, including sealing entry points and handling the leftover health hazard from those creepy critters!

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